A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

Made for Ludum Dare 38 Game Jam in 72 Hours!

Help Globey clear the world of robots and junk!

Roll into objects or throw peeps to destroy them. But keep an eye on your population, let it get too low and you wont have enough people left on Globey to make more, so you'll have to find some people pickups in the world!

Collect dust to recharge your moon shield when you take damage!

Destroy enough items in the level to unlock the exits!


  • Movement - WASD or Arrow Key
  • Roll - Down Arrow or S
  • Jump - Space Bar
  • Throw Peeps - Left Mouse Button or J
  • Slam - Right Mouse Button or K
  • Self Destruct - R
  • Pause - Escape


Globey's Revenge(Windows).zip 22 MB
Globeys_Revenge.zip 25 MB