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All you want is the fancy, expensive new handheld,  the 'GameLad Jr. PRO 2' (Just $499.99!) but you've got too many lame old 'GameLad Jr. PRO's in your drawer and you're <b>running out of space</b>!

Your Mom will only buy you one if you make more space by completing all the games in your drawer!

Complete games to get them out of your drawer, but watch out, if you fail a game you'll get angry and break your GameLad! You've got a really nice mom though so she'll replace your broken GameLad instantly with even more in your drawer! How nice!

Watch out you dont get too many though, Get over 30 GameLads and your drawer will explode!

WASD - Directions
Space - Action Button
Left Click - Interact


Beat These Games.zip 33 MB

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