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Kurt Brodlington is making a new high budget action film!

But the studio wants it to get a low age rating so they can make more money. PG Films are where the big bucks are they say!

Help kurt make the film by beating up bad guys and delivering some classic action movie quotes. But time them well, nobody wants to hear random quips out of nowhere.

Defeat the badguys to earn action points, the more points you have the greater the movie will be.

Using weapons & drugs will make your fights easier but will raise the film's age rating so be careful!

Break objects to find bonus items!

Move - WASD or Arrow Keys
Punch - Left click or J
Pickup - Right Click or K
Make an action hero quip - Middle click or L

XBOX Controls:
Move - Left Analogue
Punch - X 
Pickup - B
Make an action hero quip - A

Make sure to time those quips well for the big points!


Lights Camera Action (Windows).zip 19 MB
Lights Camera Action (mac).zip 22 MB

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