Reveal images with the power of firing balls!

Made in 12 hours for Ludum Dare 45!


Revelator (Windows).zip 36 MB
Revelator (Mac) 40 MB


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Well, firstly, I have been following you since your platformer series and to this day i use the same Object Pooling techniques in all my games, so Thank you for that.
Secondly, you might me one of the initial people because of whom i might have come close to the Game Dev world, despite the fact i've been into programming with C/C++ since 2010, but i got that push in from your YT channel in 2017..Thanks for that too. Never got to thank you.
Thirdly, as always, Revelator is an awesome game. :)
Last but not the least, I would like you to come back with more generic, programming patterns videos? Any Tutorials, sicne the pace of tutorials have been slowed down. :(
Anyhow, Thanks for Everything James! :)